Connecting Locally, Reaching Globally!


To create an opportunity for our local community to produce and broadcast their creative concepts on a globally televised platform reaching millions of viewers.


  1. Educate: We want people to be educated to understand, care and love each other through His word. God has created us and we want to love His creation.
  2. Encourage: Human tendency is to look at others negatives first but through our lives we want to motivate and encourage others to reach out with our God given potentials.
  3. Unify: Unity is an essential part of our success in life. We want to help people build bridges to climb the ladder of success.
  4. Transform: We want to transform people’s lives by bringing positive non bias programming to people.

Global Television Network We are your local broadcast and production company.

Our mission is to connect our local community while reaching a global network via creative concepts in programing and broadcast.


We offer several ways to capture your unique concepts and bring your broadcast vision to reality.


With more than 20 years of experience in broadcast and production, Global Television Network is your local connection to creative concepts. We provide production services for any event with the opportunity to broadcast your program on our
internet based television network. reaching locally, nationally, and internationally. When you broadcast on Global Television Network you will receive various analytical ratings from the number of viewers to the location of your viewers and more. All programs broadcasted on Global Television Network will be linked to your personal website, Facebook and YouTube.